You Need A Mentor! I Have One Too!

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A lot of young people naturally don’t want to be responsible. Just one idea of what they can do and in their head, they are already sitting on fancy chairs and carrying big titles, jumping from pillar to post in the name of following their passion. You see, I agree that there is so much knowledge around waiting to be found, but too much of everything is bad. You don’t have to be everywhere to learn and not everything around is good for you.

So, you’ve found your path, yeah! Great! However, the next thing to do is prayerfully and patiently find a mentor and stay with him/her till it’s time to move. A mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser in a field of interest. In 2010, I realized I had to take my video making game to another level, so I prayed and waited on God and I believe he told me to contact Mr Niyi Akinmolayan. Back then he wasn’t all fancy, but he had all the understanding I didn’t have, and he was willing to share. I went on his set many times and that was how it all started for me.

To get, you have to give. It’s God’s law! Since he didn’t need money from me, each time I got the opportunity to learn from him, I would shut down my business and take my camera along to take pictures for him. I would also be on standby to be a blessing in any opportunity he gives me. Loyalty can grant you access to some quicker results than when you jump around. So if you have found yourself a mentor, stay with him. Even Jesus had followers and they weren’t following anything or anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, you may have to learn from other people too but let it be obvious to even the blind where your loyalty lies.

I write this post because of the many young people who reach out to me (young people who are obviously going about their dreams the very wrong way).

“What an elderly man sees in his sitting position a child won’t see even if he climbs the tallest tree.” “But sir, can I have more than one mentor?” Let’s just say that is a post for another day!

I have a mentor and I mentor many people too

FIND YOURSELF A MENTOR! Social media is great but it can only do a little for you. Selah!!!


Kindly let me know what you think in the comments section…cheers!

I am a God taught Faithbased filmmaker with exceptional multitasking abilities, and I have had the honour of working with and learning from some of the smartest people in the Nigerian filmmaking industry.

I tell contemporary Christian stories, stories that both unbelievers and believers can relate with and can be blessed from. Taking the mandate to the “market place” and touching life’s for Christ.

I have made a few films and you can find them on my YouTube page… not only have they reached many, they have won Multiple International Awards at some of the finest and notable film festivals in the world… TO GOD BE THE GLORY. My greatest joy comes from the fact that gospel films can do notably well side by side secular movies hence increasing our chances of reaching everyone with the message of truth.

I am the ceo of freshpromultimedia an umbrella company for the new studiofreshpro, a photography and filmproduction studio based in ibadan, Nigeria. And I’ll love to hear from you!