FaithBased Filmmakers need to do more!

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I am pretty much impressed with the rate at which Nollywood is growing. The contents and pictures that are coming out of the industry is pretty amazing. More importantly for me, is the rate at which manpower is growing. Professionals in the industry now have access to world class knowledge and state of the art equipments and they have great room to begin to grow and expand and put this knowledge to use; even though it saddens to know that some of these stories don’t do us as Christians any good than entertainment.

A Christian needs more than just entertainment to survive. We are up against real life issues and we need a constant reminder of what God can do and what He needs us to do to survive. Yes, we hear a lot of that in sermons but should it end there? (Anyway that’s another topic for another day).

So back to my initial thoughts, Nollywood wouldn’t have come this far if people were not willing to invest and put money into it. Be not deceived, all the big movies you love today had someone’s investment in them. The ripple effect of that is the great people using their skill and talents and films you see.

See, believe it or not, a Christian film can minister and entertain (that’s another topic for another day too). All I’m trying to say is that we need to begin to put structures in place for the promotion and distribution of faith-based films. My fear for our future as faith-based filmmakers is that, WE ARE ALL DOING THE SAME THING! Some of us need to focus on financing the industry, some need to focus on skill and technicality, some need to focus on marketing and distribution…we need to put our foot in all spheres, AND WE NEED TO NETWORK TOO! So many thoughts in my head but I am going to end this post here.

The Christian Film Industry needs funds friends; we need a pool to draw from. This is something Nollywood enjoys! There are people and institutions that make sure of that. As a body I want to encourage us to grow beyond the realm of consuming free films alone (because nothing is free, someone just paid for it) and begin to give so that we can encourage young filmmakers and we can begin to take Christian films to the next level. Truth is, if you’ve seen that film anywhere else, it can be done with the right budget and personnel. THIS IS WHAT DIVINITY FILMS IS ALL ABOUT. We need you to get on board! Will you?

Let me know what you think in the comment section. Cheers!

I am a God taught Faithbased filmmaker with exceptional multitasking abilities, and I have had the honour of working with and learning from some of the smartest people in the Nigerian filmmaking industry.

I tell contemporary Christian stories, stories that both unbelievers and believers can relate with and can be blessed from. Taking the mandate to the “market place” and touching life’s for Christ.

I have made a few films and you can find them on my YouTube page… not only have they reached many, they have won Multiple International Awards at some of the finest and notable film festivals in the world… TO GOD BE THE GLORY. My greatest joy comes from the fact that gospel films can do notably well side by side secular movies hence increasing our chances of reaching everyone with the message of truth.

I am the ceo of freshpromultimedia an umbrella company for the new studiofreshpro, a photography and filmproduction studio based in ibadan, Nigeria. And I’ll love to hear from you!